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1999 Dodge Durango 5.9 4x4 K&N drop in Exhaust cut after Trany crossmember.
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So I've tossed the idea around. I usually remove the PS pump all together on my little "race" cars lol. Less drag on engine and better throttle response. Compare it to a lightened/underdrive crank pulley.

The idea originally to adapt the steering shaft and assist motor from a Prius because it has a fail safe for if it doesn't have a vehicle speed sensor signal. But I off road almost daily. Mostly desert trails for now but working my way up.

I worked on a 2012 F150 with the 4x4 the other day. And their rack as a motor instead of on the shaft. I think that could handle off road for us. They can be had used on B&R for like 300-600 bux.
Just looming for input on how well this might pan out...if I even attempt it...i have access to a fully equipped shop and a junkyard is 2 doors down from my shop. So off parts can be had there.
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