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electric fan swap

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could someone help, i bought a fan from the dealer ( a 97 viper fan) (one of the tech's told me it would work perfect) that was supposed to be able to cool my 4.7 but i am having trouble wiring it and keeping the temp from fluctuating to much. any help would be great. I don't want to bother the tech to much he's helped me a bunch already and hes a busy guy.
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Electric Fan

I think this site may help, I imagine y2kota won't mind.

he put the same fan in his 4.7

;) http://www.mallettservices.com/viperfan.html
thanks man the wiring was what i needed i mounted it once but with outthe proper wiring it was not as effective as i'd liked.
Yes I do mind! :stop: The updated site is here Y2KOTA updated viper fan page.

Thank you for your coperition(sp?) :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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