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Im looking to get rid of the restrictive y pipe on my 01 3.9, and I found something like this on ebay for a relativley good price, but I have a couple questions first. Obviously this y pipe deletes my pre cats. Does anyone know if I will have a problem with that? I live in MA, and Im not completley sure they do a visual inspection here, but will it pass emissions? Im going to be moving to CO in the fall, but Im not sure what their rules are like on emissions either. Second, what will I have to do with my o2 sensors? Im not sure how many my truck has, but from the picture, it looks like it has the bungs already there so hopefully I can just plug the sensor in? And lastly, do those top mounts just bolt directly to my headers, or is there another pipe in between? If anyone has any experience with these y pipes, that would be nice :mullet: heres the link to what Im looking at...

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