I'm looking for 4 good aluminum OEM wheel opening moldings for the first gen Dodge Dakota.. (Not the Rubber flares)
I will pay up for a nice molding. And you don't have to have all four.. If you have one or more, please let me know.
Some dents and dings are fine,
But, if it's got pieces corroded away, that will not work.
I can repair and restore dings in aluminum moldings ..
I'm a old retired body man.
I'm normally on here as WonderWoody.. you can see the $500, 1999 Dodge Dakota that I 'restored'.. painted green with cromaflake on Silver Panels.
Just search ' WonderWoody '.

Now I'm making a more modern version of a Dodge Dakota convertible (as in.. a 96 with OBDII and modern fuel injection, Bluetooth, heated seats, but with the convertible top from a early Dakota.
I'm going to post some stuff in the forums on that here coming up in a bit..
but I want to put the oem aluminum wheel opening mouldings on the Lil truck.