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...dave said:
i used the eDead in my Dakota as well... i didn't get a good before/after comparison, because i did it while i had the interior torn out for the sound system install, but i don't have any rattles with my Thunderform. Dynamat seems to have far and away the highest mark-up of any sound-deadening product out there, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone spending their own money.

i have used alot of sound deadener and dynamat extreme is by far the best the only thing that even comes close is stingers roadkill top of the line stuff, some of the cheaper stuff you buy will melt in high heat trust me i no i had a mess in my cc area the dynamat won't melt there are a lot of immators out there don't get cheap when doing it it makes a world of difference trust me this what i do :biggthump
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