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Durango brakes on a dakota

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Will this work? Money is tight but i have a brand new complete set of rear brakes off a 99 durango. Drums to backing plate. I hate having these lay around so will they work on a 99 dakota? After 112,000+ miles its time to replace the rear brakes.
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So the durango rear drum brakes will not bolt on to the dakota axle?
I would be putting the whole rear brake system off the durango on the truck. From the Back plate to the drum. I'm just wondering if the backing plate will bolt on to the dakota axle.
did you ever end up trying this swap? im trying to see if i can swap my drum/backing plate from my 8.25 axle to my 9.25. no one really answered the right question. are the backing plates interchangeable?

No i haven't had a chance to try it yet. From what i can tell backing plates look to be interchangeable. I'm hoping to get mine changed over next weekend
Let you know tomorrow, I'm gonna start first thing in the morning
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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