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I had the rear end on my 03 QC rebuilt in April, including ring & pinion and new u-joints. Last Monday (8/1/16) I had the ring & pinion changed out again and began the break-in procedure. Once I got past 100 miles I started driving it on the freeway (PA Turnpike) and the drive shaft FLEW OFF! It got a slight vibration, like driving on rough blacktop, and about a mile later BANG! It sounded like the tranny exploded. I drifted over to the shoulder while looking for smoke and debris in my rear view. I could rev the motor but no-go. I got out and looked under the truck and WHAT the HECK??? No driveshaft, at all. The u-joints were still attatched to the pinion and tranny yokes, but the aluminum driveshaft (oe) had gone bye-bye.

5 hours later it was back at the shop (thanks to 2 different tow companies) and they say they've never seen this before. The u-joints were press-in, so I guess the c-clips gave way? Since having it rebuilt in April I've left hard a few times but never gone over 90 mph, and I was still babying after this R&P with only about 250 miles logged.

My shop says they can't find a good one used, and a new Dodge part will ship from Milwaukee and take over a week. So They're having a steel one made at a reputable local driveline shop. Guaranteed balance, all the local racers and trucking companies use them, etc.. But I'm not planning on paying for this. When I talked with the mechanic last thursday and he said he'd never seen this, I ponted out that I could have been killed, or the car behind me (I was doing 75-80 mph when this happened. Speed limit is 70). And HE was the last person to touch anything under the truck, 2 days before.

They were supposed to get the new driveshaft on Monday but it's Thursday now and my truck is still sitting next to the shop without a driveshaft. When he calls me I'm going to go down there, inspect the new shaft, and when he tells me the cost (I expect him to charge me for parts but not labor on this- I've been using him for 25 years) I'm telling him that if I have to pay a dime I'm filing against him in small claims court. I'll get back all that money PLUS the towing costs.
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