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Well me being a college student and partying a lot I went to a little party the other day and all they had was a bottle of Everclear so we were dumb and drank that and all I have to say is WOW! That crap was so nasty! I throw-up so much! Me being stupid I drank 5-6 shots of it straight from what I remember.
I had to work the next day in the morning but I still drank and I went to work with a massive hangover lol.

Lets hear everyone elses stories


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Had a Halloween party at my house at school. Me and my 3 roommates lived there. (the 3 of them were on the track team. two throwers and a runner) We had most of the track and field team there plus the cross country runners and a few of their friends, so clost to 125+ people. My house was big.

Well, the party started getting out of hand and we started throwing out people we didn't know, cause the police were out in force that night. The police drove past our driveway and saw people pouring out of our side exit. They stopped and called in for support. (police station is literarly right around the corner) 3 more cars rolled up and police stormed our house.

The barricaded our front door with our porch furniture because there were more exits to the house than officers. I screamed "if you're not 21, get the fuck outta here". People started running like crazy out the doors, windows, off my porch roof, haha. Mind you, this is the TRACK team. The cops didn't catch any of them except who was left inside.

Notable things that happened:
-Most of the people were dressed up because it was halloween. So here are some of the characters - a priest with a "My Buddy" doll taped to his crotch, a "bear-fucker" costume from the movie Supertroopers. (a cop actually saw it and said "nice, bearfucker right?"), a strongbad costume, full superman costume, and of course many slutty costumes.
-a girl was hiding in our basement near the furnace and almost went unnoticed until someone called her cell phone. The policeman found her when it rang. haha.
- my cousin who was visiting (23 years old at the time) stood on the porch and took multiple breathalizers to see how high he could get in the matter of an hour while cops were there.
-Most of the cops were cool about it, but we ended up having 12 underage kids at the party. Most who we didn't even know, which was why we were shutting down the party. Cops didn't believe up though. Oh well. We all got a huge fine and the university tried kicking us out.

Sorry so long. It was a great time and made for some great memories.

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hmmm....well i hav to go work on my truck so ill give u the quick version....

too much vodka in 1 friend, leads him to tryin to fight me and 2 other of our friends. he gets bitch slapped as hard as u can imagine.. he then tries to wrestle one of our friends outta anger and catches probly the weakest punch ive ever seen lol to his face..he then tries breakin free from the 2 ppl hes not tryin to fight, falls flat on his face and winds up takin a trip to ER for a broken cheek bone and fractured jaw.

top that! i could go into more detail and make th story sound even better but i gotsta fix my truck now, peace out!

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bike week "99":rant:.
i was living in daytona and a friend was visiting me because i was getting a new/old harley from carls speed shop.
we went down to a main street bar called froggies and we only had six shots and six beers each.
we then went to a diner to eat and as we were leaving my friend asked if i would drive his cargo van.
well i pulled out on a1a and within 20 feet i was stopped by cops they said that i did not have my lights on.
the headlights were on but not tailights so i went to back of van and the rear light harness was pulled out when my friend loaded his bike.
i plugged it in and said thanks.
they said that i had two choices 1. roadside sobriety test 2. hospital for blood test for alcohol and drugs.
well .088 full dui braclets leg irons in a cage on main street.
well lawyers too my harley money so no bike purchase the next day.
i am still:rant:. i guess i feel a litle beter now sharing the story....blkjak:rant:.

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my freshman year at Texas Tech, on the day of the first football game of the year, a few of my buddies decided to throw a little dorm room party. Was only about 3-4 people in the room, and a couple bottles of vodka and some OJ. So, we get to drinking, and drinking, and drinking. I decide to call my girlfriend at the time and ask if she wanted to go to the game with us.

From that point on, things got all fuzzy, and I don't remember most of it, even the morning after I didn't remember that night.

Anyways, from what my friends and my girlfriend tell me, I wandered off sometime before kickoff, and headed towards my girlfriend's dorm to go pick her up before the game. She decides that I'm too drunk to go to the game and tries to walk me back home. I decide I'm too drunk to go to the game, and instead have other things on my mind, and going back to my dorm room isn't one of them. She decides I'm too drunk for that too.

She helps me get back to my dorm room, which, by the way, is about 3/4 of a mile from her dorm room. That's a very long ways to walk for someone that's so drunk that they black out.

Once we get back to my dorm room, she puts me to bed and makes coffee, and cleans the barf off my face. (this part I remember) She kisses me goodnight, and tells me to get some sleep.

The next morning, I walk over to her dorm room to apologize. I guess I should clarify, the next morning, which was actually about 4 in the afternoon, hungover as hell, brighter than the sun outside, I walked over to her dorm to apologize for being such a fool. It was on my way to her dorm, that I noticed something quite hilarious.

THERE WAS BARF EVERYWHERE!!!!!! And I'm pretty sure it was all mine, as it was only along the normal path I take from my dorm to hers. Like, from the door of my dorm, take 4 steps forward, 2 left, *barf* 8 steps right, 2 back, *barf* 9 steps forward, one step left, *barf*, you get the idea.....

Probably about every 10-15 feet there was an orange barf stain on the pavement. That shit didn't wash out for like a month either, funny shit man.

I still cant drink orange juice, and this event was about 4 years ago

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eh ill be short .. two years ago when I bought my truck, had just got it back from the shop, the tranny seal was leaking so they fixed it .. it was my buddy's 21st .. orgially suppose to go to Vegas, didn't happen (well not at first) meet up with him on Mill (College Ave basiacally) with my buddy at 1am .. killed $100 in that 45 mins and said lets go to Vegas, asked this one girl i meet that night to come along, so we had 5 peeps in my truck me and th girl i just meet up front, my one buddy that was with me, my buddy who's bday it was and his friend...

Flying to Vegas drunk mind you :slap: prob giong 100+ most the way fingering the girl in the front seat along the way, then the tranny started leaking fluid again, so 4-5 stops later adding fluid we get to Vegas just under 6 hrs .. so thats how I know I was flying before it started leaking..

Called steve to ask where to take the beast, stopped by Tobin dodge, no trannmision guy on sat, had to go to north vegas to have a dealer with a transmission guy work, dropped it of went to the resturant accross the street and started doing shots ... ended up having put the truck back together and had it towed back to phx (dealer i just bought it from drove up to vegas and towed it back, had only had the truck 5 days) rented a car and went and got a hotle room then got drunk on two bottles of captin and wakled the strip that night .. drove back sunday am since had to be at work sunday ...lol

Damn guess that wasn't short .. :jester:

oh and it turned out the girl I had with me was my buddy's fuck buddy back home, her phone died and she asked to use mine and called him, I got the phone back and it said his name I was like you know corey? she was like yeah .. hahah good times
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