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OK, I juust had my 4.7 Litre rebuilt for my 01 Durango(long story, don't get me started), I ordered a Stage III intake for it, and am going to suprise my wife (this is her vehicle) with a Flowmaster Super 40. My question is, do I need to do anything to my computer? Looking for both "imperative" and performance. Obviously, the imperative update will be first but would like to know about "nice to do's" also.
Thanks for any input.


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You could get your computer flashed.... I know kenne bell does it... but I'm not sure who else does.... start a thread asking for who all does computer flashes for the 4.7L.

This will increase your performance pretty well.

If you wanna get into the nice to do's....... you could get some H.O. cams... throw them in there and that'll give you quite a few poneies under the hood.


p.s. ever thought of just supercharging it?
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