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Do any headers fit the Dakota with a Hemi?

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Bet you thought you knew the answer :)

Well with a ding to one tube on the passenger side these shorties fit perfect!
Just walked in the door after a test fit.

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Schumacher LT headers ordered!
Did you ever put the Schumacher LT's on your truck? If so how was the fitment and were you happy with them?

I got mine last week and can't wait to get things going so I can see how they fit with mine being lowered 2 inches. I got them uncoated. That why if I have to modify them.
They hit on the passenger upper control arm real bad, I tried to correct the problem with Airbaggit tubular control arms and that was a nightmare in itself. I pressurized the headers as soon as I got them and they had many leaks, had to have them all tig welded. The flameproof black paint is holding up real good, but I had my powder coater coat them and he followed the directions to a T, but I wish I would of used the clear coat on them. The control arms are only designed for a slammed/bagged truck, I had to slot the frame holes just to get an alignment. I had to ding the headers in several locations just for clearance even on the tubular control arms. The headers were the worst part of the swap, I will probably buy new Dorman upper control arms and try the JBA Ram headers. His whole swap kit is pretty good quality, but we aren't on talking terms over the headers!
Thank you for the information. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least now I have a little heads up of what to expect.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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