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Alright, if you've read the other thread started by me on LEDs in the HVAC and Headlamp switch, then you got an idea where this is going. Let me paint the current picture for you:
BlackKat customs silver instrument dash with ultravoilet (bright ass blue) LED lighting.
Nu Image Silver HVAC with blue LED
Factory black headlamp switch with blue LED.

If you look at the above you can see I have a dilemma...nothing matches. I love the blackkat custom LED look, as close to purple as one can get. Problem is the other two pieces. I don't like the HVAC LED blue because, while its pretty and all, it doesn't show the red for heat. I don't like the factory green either. So, my options as I see it are:

(1) Replace the HVAC and Headlamp switch with blackcat units (silver or black) with light blue lenses for color.
(2) Replace only the headlamp piece for silver Nu image to match.
(3) Return the HVAC to factory and regular bulbs, replace headlamp bulbs to factory.
(4) other.

Only problem I see, as my sweet wife pointed out, the blues will not match. As it sits now, I have probably three color blues. My gauge is a ultraviolet blue. Plus I have C2 autometer gauges in a lotek pillar. So, there's two odd blues right there. I can go all factory and say fk it, or change things up some more. Thing is, I love my ultraviolet LEDs so those are staying.

Thoughts? btw, the HVAC LED blue are available for even swap of factory bulbs.

what do u mean by that? if u mean u have blue leds in urs and u want stock bulbs for a trade, ill do it.
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