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Dash Kit

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So I've done engine, exterior and minor interior work to my Dak. I have big dreams for my truck but i think right now i need something interior stuff to be done. So what do you think of these Dash kits? What would look best in my cab? Does anyone have picture? If you think i should leave it alone cause it is clean well tell me that! haha this picture fails to show my JVC deck.

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Those kits r always junk, how bout some suede door inserts, chrome around the gauges, nice gauge upgrade and some polished a c knobs...

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I do em if u send them to me, can match the color of your interior as close as I can, also do the vinyl wraps, or even gator, ostrich, snake, lizard whatever
Actually just finished a center console for a member in california
I am actually adding some blue to the interior. Truck is intense blue, interior black and agate? I think that is what it was called. I would be interested in the door inserts in as close to intense blue as you can. What do you charge for those?
Like a lapis blue would be close, if u send em to me, I'll do em for $100 shipped. It's the 2 front doors right?
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Dremel the plastic weld, pull the old material off and you'll see a couple holes, put it back on the door, drill thru those holes....now the door panel has same holes, and then I ran some 6/32 bolts thru and champered the holes so the bolt would sit flush...then upholster it with a padding or fleece and then the material, now bolts r covered, and you'll slide it back on and put some nuts on it and done. Mine is a 2001 though...what yr is yours?
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I can do that...did a WRX with satin black carbon, white and blue
Can do the blue carbon inserts....$125 (material is more)
Just hit me up
That WRX interior is REALLY nice! Great Job!
Thanks! We did a shoot for it for Keyston, hoping to get it published soon. And we might be redoing it also.
Like a lapis blue would be close, if u send em to me, I'll do em for $100 shipped. It's the 2 front doors right?
Yes, both doors (CC). That blue looks perfect. Do I need to pull the door panel off to remove them? Or will they snap off without removing door panel? Also, if I understand correctly I will need to remove covering and drill "before" sending them to you?

Yeah door panel has to come off, really easy, bout 4 screws. And if u have a dremel, u can dremel all the plastic welds on the back side to remove that piece, or can even take a drill and drill em out. They won't be used again. Try not to break the two tabs though. I've done it before lol but if u don't want to remove the stock fabric u don't have too, I can do it and you'll just have to line everything up best u can. Just easier on u if u do. The. It would just bolt right up.
Some nice work there, 01KotaQuad. May have to hit you up once I get my saggy roof fabric taken care of, considering door inserts eventually.
Yeah man please do, I down in Texas but I offer people on here such a lower price to help spread my name. USPS has those "fits it ships" boxes that u guys can send me whatever...I get great discounts on materials for interiors also hid kits, led's, billet accessories etc...just shoot me an email or whatever and I'll take care of y'all
[email protected]
Facebook too
Or go full custom


I can paint the dashes too
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Is that suede on the airbag cover?

If so...You may want to be careful with covering the airbag - (I know it doesn't seem like it, but) lots of work goes into the design so that the cover splits at the right place and with the right amount of resistance to allow the airbag to inflate correctly and quickly.

Just an FYI.
Yes it is, and yes I am aware. And I'm not worried about that at all. The airbag will soon be removed for a PS3 install. :)
Where in Texas are you? I don't have a facebook so I can't look there.
If I'm ever in Texas I'm definitely stopping by to get some stuff done.
League City, south of Houston out by Galveston.
lol u can ship me some stuff lol
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