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do you still have the old one if so do you want to get rid of it .I need a nother pioneer deck thats xm sat. compatable I have all the stuff for it last year it was paid for like a 3 year cotract for a gift. I put the deck in the wifeys truck cause mt truck died and her kenwood died she cant drive without music otherwise shell here the voices in her head! Im having XM sat. withdr.....

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MoparDrvnFiremn said:
addicted... well I just bought a new deck for my truck

I had this one

Damn Ebay :eek:wned:
Pioneer to me has allways made good audio stuff :clap2: I still have (to this day ) a pioneer "" SUPER TUNER "" cassette player STILL plays today as first when I bought it. AWESOME . :biggthump

Joe Cool
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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