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I’m looking for a drivers side seat track cover for my truck. My 03 was missing both sides. I have the buckets with attached buddy seat config. Went to my local pick a part yard and found a passenger side. Out of a dozen Dakotas in the yard it was the only one! Why the hell people remove these is a mystery to me. When I bought my 00 R/T it was missing all the track covers as well. I’ve wondered if maybe it was due to Daimler’s criminal cheapening of Chryslers cars during those years but I found the covers for my R/T in an 02. One of life’s many mystery’s. I need a agate one. Part number 5DZ27LAZ. I can still buy one new for $26. Wanted to see if any of you have a nice one tucked away in your stashes that you would part with before I give up and buy new.
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