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Bad to the Bone
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P O I U Y T !

Welcome to the DOGs!

Although, some are not welcome:

Originally Posted by SinCity R/T
I can't prevent people from reading these threads, but I will react if people are constantly snooping in here and then stirring the pot with snotty comments.

I ask that the DDOG's show some restraint with the interlopers. If someone starts shit in here, leave them alone. Have one of the main DDOG "owners" notify me or one of the other moderators, and we will ask them to stay out. If they choose to come back and post more shit, then once again please notify one of us and we will deal with the problem.

Caution: Reading this thread can result in mental retardation, severe hair loss, rectal hemorrhaging, and alcoholic stupors. You have been warned.

The Dakota-Durango Owner's Group (DOGs) was formed by a very diverse group of people with various backgrounds, opinions, and lifestyles. The glue which holds the group together is a shared pleasure in witty, intelligent humor.

Rule #1 : A sense of humor is required!

Mission Statement: "We will roast no trolls before their time."

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did this abortion all get started?

A long time ago, in a remote corner of a repressed truck forum, a few DOGs got together and started barking at each other. A link to the original thread (epically named, Confused Engine Light On) that brought us all together follows:


What, in the name of Zeus' butthole, is a "poiuyt?"

Once upon a time, in a really geeky post whore thread that we liked to make fun of, people started typing "qwerty" (the first six letters on the left of the keyboard) on every post beginning a new page. DOGs, rebels that they are, started typing "poiuyt," which is the opposite. To play, set your posts/page to 20 (User CP). Poiuyts occur on pages 21, 41, 61, xxx1. While there are no real prizes for poiuyts, they are highly coveted, nevertheless.

OK. So what about a "bidet?"

Post whores also are fond of "refreshing the page" with words like "refresh." Too boring for the DOGs. Upon the brilliant inception of the idea by Unnamed (King Pimp DOG), we began calling them a bidet (BEH-day), which is of course one of those odd European bathroom fixtures that US tourists use as baby bathtubs and beer coolers.

Roll Call :

The Original Dirty Dozen -

#1 - 2K1DurangoR/T (Jason): President of the DOGs
#1A - TINK (Robin): First Lady to the President
#2 - WarrensD (Warren): Consiglieri to the President
#3 - Unnamed (Don): King Pimp DOG
#4(20) - canyonD (Jeff): Chief Window Licking DOG
#5 - JimiPop (Jimi): King of the Pirate DOGs
#6 - jplinville (Jon): King Daddy DOG
#7 - AudioNutz (Bill): Multilingual DOG
#8 - Katcoota (Maaz): Middle Eastern DOG (KIA)
#9 - krweby (Ken): SAS DOG
#10 - SLT kota : First Dak DOG
#11 - DjEuro (DJ): Crazy Assassin DOG (MIA)
#12 - brad81987 (Brad): King Snow DOG

Groupies, Stalkers, Hangers-on, and Paid Minions

#14 - Rigeldust (Scott): Yard DOG and Viceroy to the DOGs
#15 - Wezsla-Jay (Wezsla): King of the Closet DOGs
#16 - SinCity (Steve): King of the Moderators
#19 - Little Blue Guy (Bryan): Little Blue DOG
#21 - FSTDANGO3 (Steve): King of the Bronze Beast DOGs
#22 - Drivernumber22 (Mary): Scary Mary DOG
#23 - Mrs Jimi (Donna): Queen of the DOGgie Pirate Wenches
#25 - hwystar (Bill): King Canuck DOG
#31 - Silver Bullet (Matt): Grasshopper DOG
#35 - mrkindweiler (Fed): Gay DOG
#37 - Tex (Justin): Hunting DOG
#38 - DakotaLivLrg (Scott): Pinky DOG
#40 - Dodge4Life (Bill Jr.): Little Canuck DOG
#43 - Mystake (Luc): Chien Français
#44 - The1TheyCallWah (Josh): Lil duce DOG
#45 - larstrak (Nate): Zombie DOG
#46 - Beatnikfink (Cotton): Rat Fink DOG
0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987,1 597,2584,4181,6765 - R/T Rick : Pisser DOG

Last Thread Statistics:

Total Posts:

Drivernumber22 1,286
canyonD 1,229
WarrensD 1,215
BeatnikFink 951
Rigeldust 946
2K1DurangoR/T 783
Little Blue Guy 473
LB3711 347
Unnamed 325
Tex 273
The1TheyCallWah 265
jplinville 220
jmaack727 212
DakotaLivLrg 123
Mystake 103
Dodge4Life 83
R/T Rick 73
Fluffy 71
krweby 66
DjEuro 22
Altair 21
SinCity R/T 14
larstrak 6
Shwab 6
TwoTone93Stang 3
MadMike05 2
Jasonb61 2
novaDAK 2
rt59dak 2
ecdak 1
hwystar 1
Silver Bullet 1
2k1AmberR/T 1

Poiuyt Count:

WarrensD 181
2K1DurangoR/T 71
Rigeldust 64
canyonD 41
BeatnikFink 24
The1TheyCallWah 11
Unnamed 8
DakotaLivLrg 7
Tex 6
Little Blue Guy 6
jmaack727 6
jplinville 4
LB3711 4
Mystake 3
Dodge4Life 3
R/T Rick 3
krweby 3
Fluffy 2
SinCity R/T 1
Shwab 1
Drivernumber22 1

Poiuyt : Post Ratio (0.05 = One per page)

Shwab 0.167
WarrensD 0.149
2K1DurangoR/T 0.091
SinCity R/T 0.071
Rigeldust 0.068
DakotaLivLrg 0.057
krweby 0.045
The1TheyCallWah 0.042
R/T Rick 0.041
Dodge4Life 0.036
canyonD 0 033
Mystake 0.029
Fluffy 0.028
jmaack727 0.028
BeatnikFink 0.025
Unnamed 0.025
Tex 0.022
jplinville 0.019
Little Blue Guy 0.013
LB3711 0.012
Drivernumber22 0.001

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Pretty much I was about to press the button and the boyfreind was like wtf are you doing......and he wanted to use the computer I was like noooo
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