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Ok.. If this thread doesnt get any attention, then something is broken

I have a dream.
2000 Dak, 4x4, 4.7L
My truck is gonna be paid off in a few months, and I have this urge to turn it into a Baha racer.. but still be a daily driver. (and a fun one)

I dont know why.. It just sounds fun.
I live in CO so I know that there are places and events I could get involved in (just havent found them yet ) between here, Utah and Nevada.

Anyway, I'm thinking....

1. Motor mods, Exhaust (Just to get the horsepower up a bit)
2. Lighten her up by going to fiberclass fenders, hood
3. Make her heavy again with a roll cage
4. Racing seats with a (part time) 5 pt harness. Probably remove the back seats and set it up for tool kit storage
5. Suspension, ah yes, Suspension which by the way, I've just recently started my search, but am having a suprisingly hard time find good resources on Dakota suspension mods.
6. I'll probably go all out and add the bed mounted roll bar for the spare tire
7. Be nice to go with fiberglass bed panels as well, but then I would have to scrap the $400 Rino Liner I just put in a year ago.
8. Oh yeah.. Basically strip the interior and replace it with a racing style dash and gauges.

Ok.. So.. Any ideas? I cant possibly be the first person who though about this.

Let me know if you have any resources, ideas, experiences, or whatever to fill this pipe dream of mine.

Rock on.

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Dont do two seperate roll/bars cages. Get a professional to a multi point int eh cab, and carry two bars from the top hop in teh cab out the bed and hit inboard of the wheel wells in the bed. Then have that x-d up and mount the tire on there.

you'll need a lexan rear window (lighter) and it will make the whole truck stiffer, stead of just the cab. It will look professional and thought out, stead of two sperate pieces. 'Sides through the window cages just look plain kool.
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