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Six months ago I found the passenger side outer CV joint boot torn and had it replaced. About two weeks later the outer(larger) clamp broke and cut the boot. I took it back to where the work was done and they replaced the entire passenger side axle assembly(for free!!). The outer boot blew out about ten days ago. WTF? Is it sh*tty parts or incompetent mechanics? :help:

'00 Intense Blue Dak CC 4.7 auto 3.55s
Airaid intake system
Fastman 68
Kenne Bell Optimizer II
Autolite 3923s
Gibson Shorty Headers
Magnaflow catback
Powertrax no-slip
Bridgestone Dueler A/T REVOs 31x10.5r15
Monroe Reflex shocks
Silverstar 9007s
Extang Blackmax Tonneau
No decals
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