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ok well I bought a custom tuner from airram performance so flyin ryan is going to be doing the tuning...well heres the problem I bought the tuner in like September and like a month after I got my tuner I was informed that there was a bug of some sort in the software and ryan was working with sct to get this fixed asap...ive talked with him about every 4 weeks or so and it seems as if there is no progress from sct being made..(he said to get ahold of him after the first week of January....I spent alittle over 900 bucks for this and im 17 years old I just wish this junk was tuned...im going to buy a set of race prepped heads soon so that might give him some time...just a sad deal has anyone had any problems with ryan? ive heard hes the best in the bisness and should I just wait it out?
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