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Couple pics from the track

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Here are two pics the track photographer got of me from a few weeks ago

First the burn out (breaking in the new 12" drag radials.)

Next, the actual launch of the truck. I didn’t realize how high the front end pulled until I saw the picture… the driver's front wheel is lightly touching.

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REALLY! HOW DO YOU POST PICS like that and dont post a time! lol
Didn't post a time as I had a fuel problem after first gear. Truck went super rich. At about 100 foot out the fuel dropped into the 8's on the air fuel meter. So it started acting up and I let out of it quick shifted to 3rd then just cruised it down the track at 2000 rpms in 3rd gear.
Hear are the times for the attempt
60 foot – 1.655 sec
330 Foot – 4.659
1/8 mile – 7.233, mph – 94.74
½ mile – 12.426, mph – 79.91

Pulled a nice 60' time and lauched at 2000 rpms. With a 4200 rpm stall I have plenty of room to bring the rev's up and improve on the 60' time. I just want to get a full pull down the track which hasn't happened yet.
yeah I know it's real funny that I ran a 12 sec run and that was only in first gear.

Going fast seems to have it's problems and I'm always getting them.

The motor is a 416 R-3 with a Procharger on it. I do have nitrous but have no plans to use it as I think I can do it all on supercharger alone. I have to get the motor making full passes before even thinking of nitrous. With the sixty foot times I see I don't think I need it to run 10's.
well, since its on... you might as well use it :D

600hp should be plenty to get you in the 10s... but another 150hp should put you in 9s :D now THAT is cool...

if you look it up on youtube, the fastest "SUVs" are like trailblazer SS and SRT8 jeeps and they are only in the 10s... imagine having the fastest... IN A RANGO! now thats badass.
it's been talked about. need that full pass first
Great looking Durango!!! How about an engine bay pic?
looks like this now. minus some of the aluminum pulleys
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WHAT !!!!

Man I got 460 air. What you talking about. 4 windows down at 60mph. And if that'd not enough. I'll throw the rear hatch open for the super cold effect.
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