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Coolant / Antifreeze Odor Under Hood

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These past few months I have noticed antifreeze odor after driving and walking around the front of my Dakota.

The coolant level has not gone down, and there is no trace of setting coolant or any on the ground below.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to check the heater core or anything else.
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Maybe you are reaching the PSI load on your radiator cap? :huh:
Antifreeze Odor

Is there something that could be wrong if this is the case?
Anything I can do to prevent / fix it?
I had the same thing...was a small leak at the thermostat housing.
I will double check the housing, did replace the t-stat last year.
i had a problem in my durango where the radiator cap goes. the plastic housing is only glued in and the rubber hoses seperated underneath and couldnt be seen until it 'sploded...
You could have a small leak. Many shops including Pep Boys can put UV dye into the cooling system thn you come back in a couple days and they hit it with a black light. Any where coolant is leaking glows and points rigtht to where it is coming from.
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