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I have a 1998 Dakota 4x4 that originally came with the 5.2L 318ci engine along with a 44RE transmission. I have replaced the 5.2L with a 360ci 5.9L engine mated to the same 44RE transmission.

Last week my transmission went out and I lost all (forward and reverse) gears. I tried doing a flush but that didn't help fix the problem.

I have a 46RE out of a 2WD 1998 Dakota RT that I purchased from a local pick a part. It appears to be rebuilt since it has a newer mopar identification tag attached to it.

My questions are:

1. Can I use the 2WD 46RE and swap overdrive tail shfts with my existing 44RE to convert it to 4WD?

2. Can I use the existing torque converter from the 44RE since the 46RE doesn't have one attatched?

3. Can I swap any of the internals from the 46RE in to the 44RE housing? What parts are interchangeable.

Any advise would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
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