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console swap?

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Has anyone did the 01-04 console swap in a 97-00? I have a 99 5 speed, and really want the newer style console, but is it possible if i got everything from a 01-04 5 speed?
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ive heard the floors are different from the 97-00's and 01-04's. how different, im not sure. but im sure if youve already got the parts, just start tryin to fit it and see where you need to adjust or fab. do you have the old style console already? if youve got the two, take the original one out, flip them over and see if you can see the difference. just out of curiosity, whats the difference in the two? are you doin the full length console?
big differnce on floor. the 98-00 is like flat and the other has a bunch of ridges.
I heard 97-99 being different from 00 and up from when the 4.7 was offered requiring a different transmission tunnel from the magnum transmissions.
This one is out of my '00. Notice all the curves and different shapes it has to fit the floor.

This one is for a '01. The bottom is flat and will not fir the shape of the floor in the '97-'00.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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