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Console sub box for dodge dak cc

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Hey guys and dols,

I just finished my console subwoofer project in my truck. I know a lot of people are interested in putting a sub box into the middle console area. Well, it can be done and it can be done without having to take up to much space. Here are some pics. I will be more then willing to make boxes for others if you are interested. But as for now I cant use mine, I blew my amp out and the repair cost is to much. So for the moment im bassless. If you wanna try this yourself its easy but you should probably have some prior experience with fiberglass and body filler. I can help to.



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that's pretty f-in slick man. Are you still able to use the center armrest w/ that set up? I would not be able to survive w/o a center console. Hopefully when I get done rebuilding my truck I'll have some extra change for something like that. I've got a box that takes up 3/4 of my back seat right now. I like it, but I can't take ppl w/ me anywhere. Very damn good job. I'll give you a PM when I want one. :clap2:
Nice box man. I'm in the process of building one very similar to that but I'll have an armrest on top.
Nice job though.
What size speaker are you running in there?
I could only get enough room for a ten inch sub. Post me some pics, I would really like to see how it looks with an arm rest.

Just finished it today. Turned out a little larger than I had originally planned but I'm pleased so far. Now I need to get some carpet and vinyl on it...
I'll post some pics soon.
It looks like there's hope for us RC guys who really can't fit anything behind the seats. That's a great idea! :clap2:
dam good job man, i wish i would have done something that stealth in my dak :clap2: :mullet: :clap2:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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