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Colorado 4x4 run

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Anybody up for a mtn drive, maybe hit a few trails? It'll have to wait til July since a lot of the high Mtn. trails are still snowed in.
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Damn ill be out of town until the Aug 12th and ive been wanting to do those trails I haven't done them before
a week day? man ive been wanting to go wheeling but i cant find anyone to go with
Dude hit me up if you wanna go some time id be down but I wont be able to until after the 12th og Aug
ok cool im down to do anytime
I have the exact time yet, but prob early afternoon.
Well when you find out you should let me know as I might be able to make it if you dont mind
yea ill post a time on here when I have one! anyone is welome! ill be the only dak but it would be fun to start to really get a colorado group together
Thats cool man I've been wanting to get a group of us together for a while I was gonna try and start one on meetup but it's like 20 bucks for 3 months or somthing like that
yea.. i think we can get one going through here and just meet somewhere to wheel once a month or something
What kind of mods do you have done to your dak any lockers
not locked yet gunna prob do a lunchbox soon until i have the money to do more aka sas.. but im t-bar cranked and ad-a-leaf in the back on 33s nothen crazy clearneced the front and rear. with rear bumper and sliders but thats pertty much it
Nice I wanna do a lunchbox and put sliders on did you make your own sliders
That's cool I've been wanting to see some on QC dak to get an idea so I could make my self some
yea it was a little differnt then typical ones.. wayyyy longer first off and they need to stick out quite a bit further then other ones, because the way the door bows out.
21 - 40 of 95 Posts
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