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Colorado 4x4 run

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Anybody up for a mtn drive, maybe hit a few trails? It'll have to wait til July since a lot of the high Mtn. trails are still snowed in.
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I'm down to do some off roadin. I've done 7 mile creek sluaghter house gulch and few more. I live in the metro area so im good with hittin upabout anywhere in the front range. I would like to find some good mud holes.
Damn ill be out of town until the Aug 12th and ive been wanting to do those trails I haven't done them before
Dude hit me up if you wanna go some time id be down but I wont be able to until after the 12th og Aug
Well when you find out you should let me know as I might be able to make it if you dont mind
Thats cool man I've been wanting to get a group of us together for a while I was gonna try and start one on meetup but it's like 20 bucks for 3 months or somthing like that
What kind of mods do you have done to your dak any lockers
Nice I wanna do a lunchbox and put sliders on did you make your own sliders
That's cool I've been wanting to see some on QC dak to get an idea so I could make my self some
seen the pics like your truck man looks badass
Ok cool bro I think I can make that ill let you know for sure like that Monday or Tuesday
Hey man still planning for 10 on Wednesday
Hey we are gonna run slaughter house gluch and twin cone Feb 10th if anyone is interested in going just let me know
1 - 20 of 95 Posts
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