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Colorado 4x4 run

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Anybody up for a mtn drive, maybe hit a few trails? It'll have to wait til July since a lot of the high Mtn. trails are still snowed in.
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im so down i want to do some wheelin
omg trail in idaho springs is easy and cascade creek trail is moderate if you have good tires
im ok with doing an overnight or a one day trip
a week day? man ive been wanting to go wheeling but i cant find anyone to go with
ok cool im down to do anytime
Possibly I think ive been on those trails but idk. how rough are they
i used to have 33s. i bought some rt wheels so i have 32s for now
9am dam i live all the way in Littleton that means i gotta get up at 7
how many people going? what trucks?
dam never gone with that many trucks before. I'm pretty sure im gonna go
not gonna lie im worried about fucking up my truck on those trails. some spots are tough even for a modified wrangler
do you know what trails exactly? no way in hell im gonna even try red elephant
i know one runs into another and loops back to starting point and at the top theres like 4 different trails and that how i ended up on red elephant
still going sunday even if it snows
ya im still going. where are we meeting exactly
lol i took my subaru up a trail once when my durango was down
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1 - 19 of 95 Posts
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