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It's a 2002 4 door 4x4 Dakota with the drivetrain of a 01 rt Durango cammed, headers, intake mods,

Transmission goes into gear just fine and drives fine but only shows park in park and when you put it in drive there just is no box and in anything except park and no reverse lights. I checked the range sensor and saw slight atf in the plug so I replaced it and before I put it in I had it plugged in and squeezed the plunger and could watch it Cycle through on the cluster so I installed it and same results just park.

I watched the cam/eccentric move around seemed ok when manually shifting it at the shift arm with the cable off it.

It seems like the sensor is too far in somehow because low range is with the plunger almost fully extended and when I install it in low range I can feel it getting pressed in quite a bit before seated.
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