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im upgrading the stereo in my 02 (non-infiniti) dakota. ive got 2 Rockford P3S 10's and a 600 watt crossfire amp thats going in and i want to know what the best, practically priced speaker setup would be for me. can i fit 6x9's in the rear without hacking up the cab sheet metal too badly? i had memphis 6 1/2's in my 04's front doors and they made a big difference just by themselves. i havent decided on a deck yet, im still looking. and ive got a 2 wire plug on each door under the panel... is that for the infiniti tweeters? if so, can i just hook up some tweeters and be all set or what?

keep in mind, i can do the basics like just puttin in some decent speakers, but when you start talking about stages and ranges and ohms... im lost. i just want a simple opinion on what would be easy and sensibly priced to go along with the subs. thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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