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Cleaning Out Garage!!

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Cleaning Out Garage - The Stuff Has Got To Go!!

I have various parts that listed below. If you don't like a price pm me with an offer and I might take it. I except Paypal. [email protected]. Buyer pays Paypal fees add 3% to the purchase price. Thanks. Some items are Pick-Up only. The items that say shipped are to the lower 48 states. May meet within reason. Let me know if you have any questions. Need to sell some stuff to get a HO Alternator. Damn those things are expensive.


360z air intake with 4" aluminum plenum from Jegs. Powdercoated blue and black. Great intake. Upgraded to Supercharger. $140 + shipping

4 Factory dodge wheels 15x8. Local Pick-up. $220

Aluminum Pedals. $20 Shipped

Tailgate Bezels. $5 Bucks Each Shipped

Glove Box. $20 Plus Shipping

160 Degree Thermostat Brand New. $10 Shipped

OEM Corner Lights. $30 Shipped

OEM Intake. $40 Plus Shipping

OEM Headlights. $50 Plus Shipping

Haynes Book 87-96. $20 Shipped

OEM Throttle Body Cracked. $20 Shipped
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Interested in the heater. I assume it will heat a garage pretty well. I have a kerosene bullet heater that stinks up the garage now. I work in baltimore.

EDIT: how tall it is?
I got a 170l-210k bullet heater and love it. I ran diesel the first time through it and it stuck it up and then ran kerosene and no problems. The propane works pretty well, but wasn't big enough. It's a construction heater and did the job. I will get you measurements tomorrow.
That works, figure the propane would be better for my oversize 1 car. last longer too. The kerosene goes quick. I was using the "kleen heat" from home depot but that shit is 10 bucks a gallon
Still want that heater, just dont know when i am going to get it
ha, it used to show up on a map. doesn't anymore :(

its a village just west of hampstead, MD. kijnda north of westminster
1 - 4 of 63 Posts
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