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Cleaning Out Garage!!

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Cleaning Out Garage - The Stuff Has Got To Go!!

I have various parts that listed below. If you don't like a price pm me with an offer and I might take it. I except Paypal. [email protected]. Buyer pays Paypal fees add 3% to the purchase price. Thanks. Some items are Pick-Up only. The items that say shipped are to the lower 48 states. May meet within reason. Let me know if you have any questions. Need to sell some stuff to get a HO Alternator. Damn those things are expensive.


360z air intake with 4" aluminum plenum from Jegs. Powdercoated blue and black. Great intake. Upgraded to Supercharger. $140 + shipping

4 Factory dodge wheels 15x8. Local Pick-up. $220

Aluminum Pedals. $20 Shipped

Tailgate Bezels. $5 Bucks Each Shipped

Glove Box. $20 Plus Shipping

160 Degree Thermostat Brand New. $10 Shipped

OEM Corner Lights. $30 Shipped

OEM Intake. $40 Plus Shipping

OEM Headlights. $50 Plus Shipping

Haynes Book 87-96. $20 Shipped

OEM Throttle Body Cracked. $20 Shipped
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Factory Seats Re-Upholstered $180 Local Pick-Up

Factory Headunit $20 Plus Shipping

Shock Boots $10 Shipped

Fog Lights $20 Plus Shipping

Stinger SR 200 $30 shipped

Dome Light $10 Shipped
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BOV Pipe 2.5" Brand New $18 Shipped

OEM 117 Amp Alternator (missing nut) $30 Plus Shipping

SPAL 40lb Solenoid Brand New $45 Shipped

Filler Neck $20 Shipped

Factory Radiator $75 Shipped

Fan Shroud $12 Plus Shipping

Clutch Fan $15 Plus Shipping

Procharger Intercooler $180 Plus Shipping

Autolock Bear Claw Latches Large $45 Shipped

Factory AC Coimpressor $40 Plus Shipping

Autometer Narrow Band $65 Shipped
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Candy Blue Powdercoated Drums $50 Plus Shipping

Black Expandable Intake Hose $15 Shipped

Propane Heater $40 Local Pick-Up

Procharger Oil Feed Fitting (screws into supercharger) $60 Shipped

Factory Diff Cover $20 shipped
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"Black Expandable Intake Hose $15 Shipped"

I'll take it, PM how you want payment, thx!

Paypal plus 3% for fees is how I would like payment. Thanks
I will get measurements for you tomorrow. The only reason I didn't use it was I was taking out the AC and wanted a front mount you could see through the grill.

dimensions of the procharger intercooler?
I got a 170l-210k bullet heater and love it. I ran diesel the first time through it and it stuck it up and then ran kerosene and no problems. The propane works pretty well, but wasn't big enough. It's a construction heater and did the job. I will get you measurements tomorrow.

Interested in the heater. I assume it will heat a garage pretty well. I have a kerosene bullet heater that stinks up the garage now. I work in baltimore.

EDIT: how tall it is?
It is a front mount it just mounts low on the truck. I will try and get a pic for you.
I'm at work. I found a pic here I get off at 5ish and will have them for you.
Ok so here it goes.

Total length is 20" long. It is 6" deep and 6" tall. It is 7.5" tall with the mounting bar. The length not including the hose couplers is 16.75" long.

Let me know if you have any other questions. It is very well built and will clean up nicely.


I used kerosene from the gas station.

hmm.... thats too thick for where i want to put it.... darn.....
It is made to fit down low, but depending on where you want to put it.
You should be able to find something.
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