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Cleaning Billet stuff

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Hey guys,

I bought a Billet 3rd brake light cover for my R/T and right after I first got it, it rained and rain dryed on it. I tried cleaning the rain off to make it shine but the spots don't seem to come out. Does anyone (Sincity) know what type of polish I might be able to use to clean this off? Sincity, yours in your picture seems to shine really well...what did you use? Thanks,

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Eagle 1 Nvr Dull is great stuff.

Shined my billet brakelight perfectly until I had it painted.

It comes in a little tub you can buy at wally world or about anywhere else that caries auto stuff.
Eagle 1 Nvr Dull defenitly the best way to go. That what I use on my chrome and it always looks good!
Windex does a good job of cleaning stuff off, and I use blue magic metal polish and polishing wheels with my Dremel tool when I really want stuff to shine.
you guys can save a little bit by going into the cleaning section with the air freshners, you can get just the regular never dull or better yet get Brasso. it shines better without as much work. i should know i spent 7 weeks in AIT shining stainless steel sinks for the Army. I was the best shiner so i wouldn't let anyone else come close to them with never dull because it leaves an afterfilm that takes a long time to get off if you switch to Brasso from never dull. if you're still with me soory this is so long :eek:
I agree with all of you about never dull but is that a liquid form? the other stuff leaves fine scraches, but like sincity said the blue magic works great. I personally use mothers or miguires metal polish. one more thing Never use windex to clean alluminum on chrome it is great. :eek:
I was wondering the same thing about my R/T 3rd brake cover.
07-10-2003, 04:23 am
Yup! lol

But this is actually a relevant dig up, cause I just polished my R/T 3rd brake cover lol
well in that case.... clear powder coat FTW. never polish again
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