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ozzy60107 said:
How do i go about gutting my cat has anyone done this? :help:
Is there anywhere i can buy a pipe that is direct fit so i can put the cat back on for emissions?
Mine is a 96.

well if you want a pipe to replace it, just buy a pice of pipe and clamp it on, or if you want to gut it, a friend of mine took a sawzaw, or however you spell it, and just make a cut down the center, then knocked out everything inside, then tried to weld metal on the cut to close it up. it did not help with performance wise, but his truck is the loudest truck ive ever heard. he also does not have mufflers either. but be warned, at least here i think its like a 20k fine or more, if the information i was told was correct.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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