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With our growing numbers of circle track racers, it was time to cover another base to help them stay on top. We now have a championship rated carburetor builder on board. He began building carb's in 1987 as an avid circle track racer for himself and various teams. Still getting behind the wheel of racecar, he actually runs and tests his own designs bettering each one whenever possible. Winning a track championship in 2000 reminds the importance of drivability.

"Sometimes racers are too concerned about dynamometer numbers. They forget the importance of making the carburetor perform in all kinds of different situations. The dynamometer can teach us many things, but the real test is on the racetrack. I build every carburetor to perform well on the dynamometer, flow bench, and especially win on the track."

We can rework your carb or supply a new carb to pass the go-no-go test or stay within the rules of your governing track. 12-15hp gains are common and we know how important it is to add up all those small gains.

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