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Im installing a 3" body lift on my 01 dak quad cab.

Got all the body blocks on but the last one on the driver's side next to the beds bolt will not thread back in?

All the others I was able to just finger thread back in quite easily.
But this last one just won't thread whatsoever, it just spins and pushes all the way up.​

Anyone have any advice on why this would be occuring? And how I can resolve it?
It was hard to see and I came in for the night, but couldn't quite figure out how or where these thread in? Did I maybe break whatever the threads are attached too?
I was going to try and apply alot of pressure with my 1/2 impact and see if it would go, but decided to hold off and come here first.

*FYI this one did have a bracket on it when I removed it, that I'm pretty sure was for nerf bars that I did not reassemble. But there was 3 others that had brackets as well that I removed and had no problems.

Thanks in advance!
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