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Does anyone know how I can obtain a C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) sticker for Mopar Performance Part# P4876251 (Headers for a 1997 318ci)? I have these headers on my truck, but tossed out the CARB sticker with my stock hood when I installed an aftermarket fiberglass hood. California will not pass SMOG on this truck until I provide this. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Strike 1: Local dealerships are clueless
Strike 2: Mopar Performance cannot help

Maybe someone in a less Beurocratic state has this sticker they are willing to part with?

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I think if you can supply the carb no. to the smog station they will smog it,if not go to another station and dont mention the headers and see if they will smog it. also if the truck was previously smogged there should be some record of testing,providing it was tested with headers before. mine smogs every time here in sacramento and they never ask about the headers. I believe the c.a.r.b # e.o. d401 is the number you need. just my 2 cents.
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