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bumper & fog light removal???

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I'm bout to put on the bottom grill and I need to know how to take off my fog lights and the bumper. Do the fog lights unscrew or what? If anyone could give me some direction that would be greatly appreciated.
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for the fog lights, there are 2 bolts holding the bracket on directly above the light itself, they are a 10 mm, and it helps to have a small ratchet. there are 3 bolts in the area, but the one towards the fender is for something else. the 2 are lined up, front to back, with about 2 inches between them. also, once you get the bolts loose, you have to twist the whole assembly towards the outside about a quarter turn, and then it should come right out. sounds a lot more complicated than it is...sorry i don't know anything about the bumper...good luck!
Already done this and documented it! Here you go....

A - To access these 8 expanding plastic screws, you need to lift the hood and remove the corner lenses. Space is extremely limited. They are designed to unscrew, but I just used a special tool to pull them straight out. The tool is pictured below.

B - These are accessed from inside the wheel well, and I used a T25 Torx on them. It wasn't the perfect size, but it worked great.

C - These are more of the expanding plastic deals. Again, I just pulled them straight out.

D - These are push-in style things (love the technical terms here?) that are designed to be pulled straight out. They attach a rubber extension from the bottom of the bumper cover to another cover under the engine. When you are removing these, it's a good time to unplug the fog lights.

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It's very simple to remove the front bumper. Remove the 2 bolts on the bottom on each side attached to the frame. Lift hood and you'll see where there's 2 bolts (I think 19mm) on each side infront of the rad. In total there's 8 bolts.

Don't forget to disconnect the fogs before removing the bumper.
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