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I have my 01 4.7 QC Dakota. I want to put a little money into it, say about $1,000.

I have a dent in my hood that is in a spot that won't allow a scoop to hide it. So I guess I am looking at either a body shop to repair it or a new hood. Both are on the spendy side, though...

I'd like to change out the taillights, I like the carbon fiber ones I've seen, and they should look good on my black truck. Not mention, I want some SS inserts.

I have a blown speaker somewhere, so an upgrade there wouldn't hurt, either.

My biggest complaint, though, is that you can see too much crap through the openings in the lower openings below the bumper. Will the SS grills hide that? Or should I be shopping for a bumper cover? The thing is, I like the flat black textured part on top of the front bumper cover, it helps keep it on the "tough lookin" side without going too far. It's a 4x4, and most of the bumper covers I've seen look like they would better suit a lower truck than mine.

I've got about a month to figure out what I want to do, I guess I am just looking for suggestions. I will be showing it this summer with my wifes Challenger at the local shows, so stuff that makes it look better is more what I am looking for.

I know I will be getting rid of the drop-in bedliner and going with a Line-X or something as well. Maybe I should plan for more money...

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A little warning bro, once you begin to mod your truck you will become addicted lol.
Yes the SS grill inserts hide all the ugly openings.
As for the hood. Look into a reflexxion dominator hood, best price and I love the looks, I've got one :wave:
Wheels would definately make the looks but that's on the expensive side.
Paint the door handles to match and the mirrors, it looks great
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