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Bringing the r/t back to life

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So its been wayyyyy too long since I've put some honest effort into my r/t. It began as a work truck for my father :/ totally wrong. I got it around 180k miles all beat up and the engine was on its last leg. I was able to drive it to about 200k miles before one of the passenger side pistons let go. So then it sat. For about 2 years. In between I got a motorcycle and had that through the winter. Come spring my father said he was going to sell the truck to the local junk yard for 300$... so I made the choice. Out went the bike and with 5000+ I begin my build. (Will post pics when I get home)
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i want to see this custom air intake that you have, i wonder if it is the dual air hat snorkel i sent you, the one that you filed a claim and took back the paypal. Pics of this please i am curious. Couldnt be a 14x3 or a K&N cause that wouldnt be custom.
Sigh... if you want to talk about that keep it to messages. This is a build thread. I can post pics of the sheet metal if you like?
Ohh I see, you took CAI for custom air intake. Hehe its COLD air intake.
Just to be clear my current plans for the intake are to use the air cleaner i currently have (14x3) and create a tray to catch the air from the hood scoops, UNLESS by some miracle the part comes in that im missing.
Started it up yesterday but there's a leak somewhere. Hopefully a quick fix then I can start the drop and such
16 days without an update??! You have a FOLLOWING man!! :-D
its been alot longer then that haha, the current status is as follows:

after the truck sitting for 2 months at a coworkers house i was fed up. he messed up doing so much stuff that i could not take it any longer. so i took the truck to the local garage. they found that he broke a few things when he pulled the old motor, and he never flushed the gas like i told him to. (gave him 5 gal to do it) so he had been trying to run it on 2 year old gas. bleh. i should have it back sometime this week or the next depending on the extent. lesson learned, never trust old people....
Update: truck running today. No codes. So I should have it back sooner then expected. Going with moose green with black top and black rims
moose... silly auto correct... MOPAR green
Got the truck back today. Needs some trany work but she runs strong. Putting parts on as I type this. Will upload pics soon
I am in northern carroll county near hampstead, welcome local
ah im down in jessup
here she is, in all her glory
nothing updated? :( come on man dont make me take the short drive up there and start working on it my self!!
subscribed. glad to see it getting rebuilt :)
sick cant wait to see it painted
I'm pretty sure this is listed for sale now.
21 - 38 of 38 Posts
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