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brake upgrade

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Has anyone done a brake upgrade on a '00 Dak/Dang? To be more specific, is it worth the trouble of switching from the smaller sized factory '00 brakes to the larger '03 ones (front discs)? If so, what is required? What parts need to be changed besides the obvious (rotors, calipers, pads)? Steering knuckles?
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I have the '03 front brakes on my '00 R/T and also have the entire '03 9.25 rear end with disc brakes in my garage waiting to go on. Front swap was simple. Locate donor truck in junkyard. Must be 2wd. Grab spindles/hubs, caliper brackets, and calipers for each side. Use JY calipers as "core" for new calipers. Buy new 03 front brake lines. Remove stock spindles, install '03 spindles. Would be a good time to replace balljoints if you haven't done them recently. Install new rotors, install caliper brackets, install new pads, install new calipers, install new front brake lines. Bleed brakes. Take truck out for proper bed in procedure for new pads/rotor.

Before installing calipers and caliper brackets, would be a good idea to clean them up and paint them color of your choice.
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00 rotor on right, 03 rotor on left.

'00 rotor on top of 03 rotor
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03-04 Durango had thicker rotors and slightly different calipers to compensate. If doing swap you can use either.
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