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brake upgrade

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Has anyone done a brake upgrade on a '00 Dak/Dang? To be more specific, is it worth the trouble of switching from the smaller sized factory '00 brakes to the larger '03 ones (front discs)? If so, what is required? What parts need to be changed besides the obvious (rotors, calipers, pads)? Steering knuckles?
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I put 03 dakota steering knuckles and upgraded duel pistons on my 01 Dakota and when you go to bleed the brakes it acts like its bled with no air in the lines by the caliper but up at the brake pedal it falls to the floor ..even after I fixed the back drum brakes and bled all the lines good ..I realized the abs system is upgraded and different I guess because the wires aren't even the same color or connectors don't match and less wires. So can't change it over.. so I guess its back to old steering knuckles which I changed because how weak the metal they use for them ..the thread in part for caliper completely broke off so Its not worth the work to change it all over and realize abs system is different
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