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brake upgrade

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Has anyone done a brake upgrade on a '00 Dak/Dang? To be more specific, is it worth the trouble of switching from the smaller sized factory '00 brakes to the larger '03 ones (front discs)? If so, what is required? What parts need to be changed besides the obvious (rotors, calipers, pads)? Steering knuckles?
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So this guy doing this upgrade is working on a 4wd and I have a 2wd. He didn't seem to be sure whether or not this same process would apply to the 2wd. Do you know if this is the same, or if there are other discrepancies that would be specific to the 2wd?
brake swap

Thank you all for your input. One thing that caught my eye in the pics above is that on the external hub surface of the '03 rotor is that it's stamped "DAKOTA-ONLY". My vehicle is a '00 Durango. My understanding is that the Durango is identical to the Dakota at the front half of the vehicle. Anyone have any thing to say about this?
Thanks, again, for your input. Will be doing this upgrade soon.
Thanks, again, for your reply. I will be doing this upgrade soon.
Thanks, again, for your input on this matter. I will be doing this upgrade soon. Nothing is more irritating than spending good money on repairs to have it let you down in a short time. This is one of many shortcomings w/this vehicle. I have 2 Daks (an '00 R/T, now a parts vehicle, & a '94 Sport w/ V6), and this Dang. I like the vehicles, but they have their issues.
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