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99 Dakota R/T Club Cab

First off I used the board to find out that the most common reason for the Brake Light to be on and the Speedo not to work is the rear Speed Sensor in the diff. I replaced the Speed Sensor in the Diff (it was missing half of it), and this corrected the Speedo Problem. My ABS Light was never on, but it does not come on either when all your lights first light up when starting the vehicle. The Brake Light never went off, I even disconnected the battery to see if the computer needed to be reset. Still Brake Light was on. So in playing around with the Park Brake to make sure that it was not a faulty switch, I found that if I engage the Park Brake and start the truck, I can then release the Park Brake and the Brake Light will go out. The Brake Light stayed out for awhile when driving around. On the way to work I stop to get gas, and when I start the truck up their is the Brake Light again. So, I get to work and turn the truck off, Engage Park Brake, Start Truck and then release Park Brake. The Brake Light then goes off again.

Anyone have any ideas? I am waiting for a Factory Service Manual, I know that if I had one now I could pinpoint the problem.

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