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Here's the deal...
2nd Annual "Braggin' Rights" event at the Carolina Dragway in Jackson, SC.

The dates are April 23rd and 24th 2005.

Last year's event rocked, and the Dodges came out on top in the truck categories.
Roy Evans took home the fastest truck award
Alex (aka CopperDodge) took home closest to 14.00
Couple of others placed in the show, and also in the SPL competition.

Features of this year's show....
1/4 mile heads up drag racing
Car Show
Burnout Contest
Bikini Contest
SPL Bracket style head to head competition
Live Bands/Entertainers
Special appearances by East Coast Stunters

CASH payouts to the top categories
Free tires to the winner of the burnout contest (all 4)
Over $10,000 in cash and awards

We have nightlife planned in Augusta GA, which is about 20minutes from the track. This will be an AWESOME Weekend!!!

Check out the event website to find out more information:
Driving directions
Places to stay
pre-register (when available)
Forums to talk some smack

We will have Dodge groups from Atlanta, and from North Carolina. Maybe a cruise to Augusta could be setup for everyone to ride in together.

Trying to get it out there early, so if people want to take Friday off, or like to plan in advance you'll have plenty of time.
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