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Went down to Indy for the Brackets Finals for Team RT 66 this weekend. I got 2 time shots Friday and 1 Saturday. I tried watching the temp really closely, but had no luck with any consistency. Saturday, we started to get a handle on it though. However, I could not cut a light to savemy soul from He**. :dammit:

First round (2pm) I draw the Sportsman Champion from Mid-State Raceway in a 455 Skylark. We get out to the other end and he gets around me at about the 1200 foot mark and dumps me. I figure my weekend is over, but get the win light. I had treed him and broke him out, and I was .11 off. :mullet:

Second round (now 9pm) I get a Nove from Mid-Michigan dialed 13.21 to my 15:30. We get out to about 1200 feet, he gets up to my back bumper and dumps me. I outrun him to the stripe and get the win light. He had me nailed to the tree .014 to .104 but gave up too soon. :mullet:

Sunday morning we go right into Round 3 without a time run. I figure conditions are close to what they were for our time shot Saturday, so I dial a 15:20. Lucky me, I get the Sportsman Champ from Ohio Valley in a Maverick dialed 12:12. I sit and watch car after car breaking out by as much as .15, but I decide I will live or die by my :20. He changed his dial down twice and ended up at 12:09. We get out to the other end, and again I get dumped, but this time he gets the stripe. I get the win light though in a double break-out. I went 15:18 to his 12:03. :mullet:

Fourth round comes around at 2pm. I have no idea what to dial so I ask a buddy's wife to give me a number between 3 and 9. She says 4 so I put a 15:24 on the window. I end up with my first slower car of the weekend, a Thunderbird dialed 17:91. We run out to the other end, and I just tap the brakes at the stripe, thinking I was ahead of him. He got the winlight though. I picked up my timeslip and he had beaten me to the stripe by .027, but had me treed. I ran 15:242. :jawdrop:

I did get to pick up a check for 4th round loser, and all in all had a really great time. I tokk out 2 12 second Track Champions along the way with a daily driver pickup. Not bad. :kiss:
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