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Bogart Group Buy Anyone want in? I need 2 more...

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Ok so I called Bogart and I liked what I heard. Basically they can make a wheel that matches my American racing Baja wheels so that I "match" at the track. This is my tax return gift to myself. So who is up for a set? You paypal me I order the whole thing. A set of the strip skinnies would run 270 each or 540 for a set, not shipped.

You can get the street/strip version or drag version or another other set you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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15x10 rears and I'm not sure on the fronts.what a good size for the fronts?something with a lot of tire options.I want he strip version.I plan to order in a couple weeks.
Yea.I'm getting another r/t next week.its mine I'm just waiting for the insurance check to get here.
Yea.it great its at carlisle this year.I try to go to mopar carlisle every year.
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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