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Bogart Group Buy Anyone want in? I need 2 more...

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Ok so I called Bogart and I liked what I heard. Basically they can make a wheel that matches my American racing Baja wheels so that I "match" at the track. This is my tax return gift to myself. So who is up for a set? You paypal me I order the whole thing. A set of the strip skinnies would run 270 each or 540 for a set, not shipped.

You can get the street/strip version or drag version or another other set you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Fronts will be a 15x4 and you and drive on the street with them - 12 lbs

Price is 231 each plus shipping

Let me know who wants to go in on it. Need 3 sets either front or rears.
So you CAN or CAN'T drive with them on the street?
And you say we can choose from the P1 Billet series, but can we choose the Welded R/T? I don't see where they could drill the sixth hole.. :huh:
If only they were 17''
I've seen some on a 99 Camaro SS and they looked awesome
You can order them in 17's if you want to spend the coin on it.
How much more would it be to have 17s?
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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