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bogart GB

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I know this has been attempted before but i figured i would give it another shot.anyone interested::waiting:
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Why not try to see what Real Racing Wheels can do? They are about 100 bucks cheaper a wheel. When I was looking at a set fronts were like 250 a wheel for the fronts and 350 for the rears.
Only thing is that I don't think they make street version of them and that they aren't as nice looking as the bogarts IMO

I'd be intresting in Bogarts depending on prices...
True, their 16x5's are $350 and weigh 12.5lbs

and their 15x10's are 364.96 and weigh 15.4lbs

Probably not worth it.
the race versions are lighter
my 15x4.5 is 9.6lbs and 15x10 are 12.3lbs
I was speaking of the Real Racing, you have bogarts don't you?
I'm needing to complete my set with some drag-on star II's out back.. anyone know of a distributor anymore? I'd hate to be at Crusin the Coast on stock dakota 15's out back and skinnies up front..
You could just sell me your skinnies if you wanted.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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