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Blower motor troubles

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Hello there, today I was working on my sisters 2001 Dakota to fix the heat. I’ve been at this truck for about 3 days scratching my head because none of the fan speeds work, I’ve replaced the resistor, replaced the pigtail, bench tested the motor, replaced the switch, checked all the fuses and relays also swapping them and nothing. No fan speeds at all. I checked the blower motor plug and I’m getting 0 volts with a volt meter and no light checking to see if it has power on both sides of the plug. Any help is appreciated
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It's time to check the ignition switch and the wiring to and from the blower motor.

I've attached the HVAC wiring section including the blower motor; if there's no power there, it goes through a fuse into the ignition switch, from there to the blower motor, and the resistors are on the ground side. That's on the first page.

Rant # 2,567 - You really Really REALLY need to pick up the factory service manual if you're doing your own electrical. Bishko Books is the reproducer for whoever Chrysler is today; they sell the discs via Summit; and you can sometimes find the paper copies used on eBay (or scream and buy the paper copy from Bishko; I don't really recommend that unless you just won the lottery!)



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