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Billet Technology Hood Emblems!

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They posted Dakota/Durango Emblems for sale on their web site. Link: http://www.custombilletstore.com/product_p/2052.htm

The choice of three colors, multiple graphics in hood emblems are available.
They also take custom orders for those with deeper pockets, and wanting something special.

Thank you BT!

Plymouth Express
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Hey All!!!!

This is Chris from Billet Tech this is a group buy so we need a min of 10 orders to get these in production here is a image to give you all a hint at what we can do.
I noticed they are hood emblems, what's the chance of getting one flat for the tail gate?
I'm with Steve, the SRT is in need of no hood ornament .

However, if 10 are needed before even one can be sold or made, you can count me in for a Mopar M tailgate emblem shortly, once I figure out what color to get. :huh:

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Are these available now on the website or are we waiting for a group of 10 before 1 is made?
I spoke to BT today; for a small fee, they can fully etch the mopar M instead of etching an outline.

Put me down for Black anodized with full etch Mopar M. PM sent. This is flat enough to go on the tailgate, right?

Found this picture on BT's photobucket:

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1) Leroy R/t - R/T black chrome.
2) Silver&Blue4x4 - Custom
3) b2™ - Black Mopar "M"
4) Plymouth Expres
5) Jasoon - Mopar + M Black, Full etch.
6) Ramayer
7) hayboy06 - Mopar M
8) Friesenlips - custom
9) jayc R/T blue
10) fronzoos Mopar M in blue?
Hey guys,

Just so everyone is on the same page with this group buy... the guys at BT won't make us our emblems until 10 people place their order. So far 3 of us have done so.


or call direct 561-582-6171.

The sooner you order, the sooner we all get our emblems! :mullet:
Material Has been ordered should be ready to ship within 4 week
Does that mean we got your 10? :mullet: :clap2: :D
..... can i get the edges etched like this one on your photobucket the right lower corner one?!
Oooo, That is nice.
Wow these are hot. I want one but I can't decide what color would look best on Patriot Blue, the black or blue. Order one of each? haha.
Me thinks the blues will clash...

I'd go with black. Actually, I did... and I can't wait. :mullet:
Ok All Black Anodize is back we will start the engraves this week and start shipping them out you all should start getting them by next week

Chris, that sounds great!

Feel free to post previews for us pic-whores!

Looking great!
Got mine today... going on the tailgate tomorrow.

Any problem using the tape, or are you guys using some other adhesive? I got this stuff from O'reillys last year, they called it "emblem goo..."
Tape is plenty strong, still got the "prototype" mounted on my hood with the tape (removed for measuring twice and still holding strong) until my Plymouth Express "custom" emblem comes in... :drive:
Yeah, but mine is going on the tailgate....
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