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Billet Technology Hood Emblems!

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They posted Dakota/Durango Emblems for sale on their web site. Link: http://www.custombilletstore.com/product_p/2052.htm

The choice of three colors, multiple graphics in hood emblems are available.
They also take custom orders for those with deeper pockets, and wanting something special.

Thank you BT!

Plymouth Express
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1) Leroy R/t - R/T black chrome.
2) Silver&Blue4x4 - Custom
3) b2™ - Black Mopar "M"
4) Plymouth Expres
5) Jasoon - Mopar M
6) Ramayer
7) hayboy06 - Mopar M
so now that we got enought peeps whats the next step in this process?
thanks for the comment hustlajustin!

Now lets see what everybody's emblems look like!!!!
1 - 5 of 199 Posts
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